Spotlight on Success


Award-winning filmmaker Claudia S. Murray, along with two other writers, has won a screenwriting competition sponsored by the Moving Picture Institute in Los Angeles, California. Murray’s original screenplay, “Unloaded,” will be produced by the MPI in 2020. Murray herself will direct the short film, a comedy with political overtones. She will shoot the film on location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her previous short film, “Gringa,” won numerous awards at film festivals throughout 2018-19. For example, at the UCLA Extension Film Festival, Murray won Best Director. In addition, along with producer and co-writer Lana Link, she won Best Writer at Austin Under the Stars.

Happily, Lana Link will produce “Unloaded,” too. We wish these two talented filmmakers every success and can’t wait to view their new short film in the near future.

To view the trailer for their first short film together, “Gringa,” please visit Murray’s website:

To view Claudia S. Murray’s complete filmography, please visit the International Movie Database and search for ‘Claudia S. Murray’.

To learn more about the Moving Picture Institute’s programs, including workshops and internships for aspiring filmmakers and writers, please visit:

FYI, the Moving Picture Institute is a non-profit organization that produces international films about freedom. On their website, you will find lists of films they have produced to date.

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