Six Years Later…

206Welcome back to Celebrity Roads Trips.  I’m saying that to myself, as well as to you. I have not posted on this site for six years. Believe me,  a lot has happened during my time away.  When I tried to return to this site last week, I had some trouble accessing it. Many thanks to Sudipto at WordPress for helping me regain access to my account. I want to change slightly the focus of this blog. My original purpose was to visit physical locations that related to movie-making. However, in the meantime, TCM has covered that issue pretty well! I still want to do some of that, but I am expanding the focus of this blog to include traveling to discover all things creative.  I’ll catch you up on my recent activities in coming blog posts, and I look forward to receiving your comments. Please visit my new Amazon page at My Facebook page, A Chance to Say Yes, is author.  It focuses on my two published novels, A Chance to Say Yes and A Wild Dream of Love. My Twitter page is If you like and follow me anywhere, let me know, and I will return the favor. Thanks, and have a lovely new day.


1 thought on “Six Years Later…

  1. Welcome back, Tina – you have been missed. I’ll check your Amazon page, too, but I’m really interested to see what you bring back to this blog after your 6 year journey. I imagine it will be worth it, at least for this reader.

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