My latest novel: A BIG FAN OF YOURS

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest novel, A BIG FAN OF YOURS, by ArcheBooks Publishing ( A BIG FAN OF YOURS is my third novel. It is Volume 3  of my Starlight on the Gulf Series. Volume 1, A CHANCE TO SAY YES, and Volume 2,  A WILD DREAM OF LOVE, are available, as well. All three novels may be found at or may be purchased from any other favorite bookseller. Please visit my website at; Reviews welcome.ABFOY-Cover

1 thought on “My latest novel: A BIG FAN OF YOURS

  1. Hello, LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE IT!!!!  Im  just getting around to going through my emails. You will be happy to know I have a new folder just for you..

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