Ethan Hawke’s TED Talk on Creativity is Inspiring

If you are feeling the creative urge–to paint, write, act, sing or the like–but feel too timid or self-conscious to carry out your vision, I recommend that you listen to Ethan Hawke’s TED talk, “Give Yourself Permission to be Creative.” Hawke’s suggestions may free you from your artistic inhibitions, Certainly, he is a qualified practitioner when it comes to being creative.

Most celebrities are known for one special talent or skill . Ethan Hawke, however, is a celebrity who is famous for achievements in more than one arena. Best known as a Hollywood actor and director, the handsome Hawke has made many films since appearing as a prep-school student in Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams. The man is known, also, for his literary accomplishments

Hawke has written novels and had them published. In fact, I once owned an Ethan Hawke first edition. Sad to say, I had to sacrifice it on a bookseller’s altar a few years ago, when (my own) times became hard. I had hoped to have Hawke sign the book one day. When I first became a published author, I began to collect signed books from other authors, some of whom I encountered at book signings. However, that is another story for another blog post.

If you would like to view and listen to Hawke’s TED talk, please use the following links and search for ‘Ethan Hawke.’


To learn more about Ethan Hawke’s life story and his career in films, please visit the International Movie Database page and search for ‘Ethan Hawke.’


Oh, and he once was married to Uma Thurman. Did I fail to mention that fact? Definitely, a very interesting fellow– 🙂

Be good to yourself. Just do it,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

2 thoughts on “Ethan Hawke’s TED Talk on Creativity is Inspiring

  1. Tina, once again you’ve made a most interesting addition to your Celebrity Roadtrips site. I am truly enjoying everything you are writing and am glad you’ve revived this site!

    • Elva, thank you! I am pleased you like the site. I’m having fun with it. It will take me a little while to set it up totally, but I am working on it. Right now, I’m posting about once a week,. The rate will increase over time. Please keep checking back. Tina

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