A Lucky Dog’s Life: Kayaking in Kona

JC and Princess Leia enjoying the good life in Hawaii. (Photo credit: Linda Arlington (copyright))

Aloha! What creative writer or artist does not dream of living and working amid beautiful surroundings? Creatives are nothing if not aesthetically aware. Imagine waking up every day on The Big Island of Hawaii, creating to your heart’s content, and then spending the rest of the day diving, swimming, and kayaking. Well, this dream is being lived out by friends, Linda Arlington, and her husband, author J. C. Arlington (JC Arlington – Author on Facebook).

Avid pet lovers, Linda and J. C. have shared their idyllic lifestyle with a number of fur babies. Most have been named for sci-fi characters, including Princess Leia,, a young German Shepherd, and Chewbacca, (aka Chewy), a transplanted Maine coon cat. Recently, Princess Leia has learned to kayak. Talk about living a dog’s life! This royal pup in paradise has it made.

Photo by Recal Media on Pexels.com

Although my friends enjoy life, they are far from frivolous. A retired special-education teacher, my friend, Linda, has given of her time, generously, to animals, humans, and myriad good causes, such as Ironman and Special Olympics. One of Linda’s current activities is reading children’s stories aloud at the local independent bookseller, Kona Stories Bookstore http://www.konastories.com.

Linda’s readings, along with others, are available for video-viewing on the YouTube page of Kona Stories. If you are feeling the need for some tropical inspiration, l suggest you visit http.//www.youtube.com and search for “Kona Stories.” As for me, I hope to visit my friends, their lucky pets, and their awesome bookstore in person one of these happy days. Maybe the dog will teach me to kayak. Volcanoes, anyone?

Stoke that motivation,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

Celebrity Road Trips.com

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