Courage Garden

IMG_0037In this time of reflection, when you are often on your own, a little courage can go a long way. In the spirit of optimism, I have posted a poem I wrote three years ago. At that time, I was enduring a loss of vision, in more ways than one. Since then, I have regained both my eyesight and my wheels, but I am once again stuck in place because of the pandemic. You may be stuck, too, and worried. Faith will see you through. I hope my poem will help you travel to a lovelier place in higher consciousness. You may find your creativity there, too.

Courage Garden

I pray a courage garden

Tending makes it grow

i water and weed daily

Daily I must sow

When time comes to harvest

I gather in my crop

Thankful that I tilled and toiled

In prayer and did not stop

”Courage Garden” by Tina Murray, © Tina Murray, Ph. D., 2017


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