The Imaginarium: A virtual conference for creatives, Sept. 21-27, 2020

Is this you, Creative Person? Are you talented, able, and determined but feeling bored, drained, or even blocked when it comes to your current project? I have a suggestion for you. You may stimulate your creative flow without ever leaving home. How? By mingling with your peeps.

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Perhaps interacting with emerging artists and celebrities will ease your worries and open your mind to new vistas. Wouldn’t you like that? If so—

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Why not join many other creatives this coming week, Sept. 21-Sept. 27, online at The Imaginarium 2020 Virtual Conference and Convention?


This exciting conference is being offered virtually this year due to COVID-19 precautions. Normally, it is held in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My friend, author Sandy Lender, Is a Gold Sponsor of the annual event, so you know it has to be first-rate.

In fact, numerous prominent authors, filmmakers, artists, and the like will be presenting, attending, and giving out awards. Who knows what unexpected inspiration awaits you? Please visit the Imaginarium website for prices and a schedule of events.

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Convinced? Great! I hope you and your imagination have a splendid time together at The Imaginarium 2020.

Day dreaming, as usual,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

(Text copyright Tina Murray, Ph. D., 2020)

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