Myra McLarey’s New Novel is Relevant to Today’s Issues

The blurb at the top of the book cover reads

“Does the world need another coming-of-age novel set in the South? Yes, it does. This charmer, redolent with authenticity, touches the reader and inspires us al to call out the malarkey in our lives. Just wonderful.. –Gish Jen, Author of The Resisters

Congratulations to acclaimed author Myra McLarey. Her latest novel, BECOMING ROBBIE LEE, has been published by Stone Creek Press. It dropped September 15, 2020. Both the book and e-book are available from According to information I received, part of the proceeds from sales prior to October 31, 2020, will be donated. One dollar from the sale of each e-book or book will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, I wish the author every success.

In the early days of my writing career, Ms. McLarey mentored me briefly. She critiqued a sample of my fiction and offered me hope of future publication. I appreciated her encouragement. As readers of my site know, I believe positive feedback can be extremely motivating for creatives, especially when it comes from someone so accomplished.

Enjoy her earlier books, too. WATER FROM THE WELL is but one example.

Keep creating,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

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