Back on the Road in 2019


The Factory, Franklin, TN


Now that I have regained my eyesight and obtained a new driver license, I can drive again! This is very exciting for me. At last, I am able to post here on my blog, Celebrity Road Trips.

This weekend, I attended the Tennessee Antiquarian Book Fair at The Factory, a popular venue in Franklin, Tennessee., where I happily wandered amongst the booksellers’ stalls.

I am fascinated by old books. Like works of art, they are artifacts from other times, long lost. A significant book can take on a mythical status, especially signed first editions.

Years ago, when I was an aspiring author, I attended writers’ conferences and book signings often. That is when I began to collect signed books.

For example, I now own books signed by Al Franken, Sue Grafton, and Norman Mailer, among other celebrity authors. Who knows? Perhaps, someday, these books may become the valued treasures of other bibliophiles. Do you like old books, too?

i saw some wonderful things on display. Here I have posted photos of books I admired, but did purchase, at the rare-books-show.