Jaden Terrell: The Spirit of Ink



Still in lockdown? Need to exercise your creative muscles?  If you are going batty from inactivity or feel as if you are suffering from artistic atrophy, I would like to offer a suggestion. You should join author Jaden Terrell’s Facebook group for writers, “The Spirt of Ink.” (https://www.facebook.com/spiritofink)

“The Spirit of Ink” is a public group. Any member of Facebook is welcome to join. By participating in the individual and group activities online, you will give your Inner Writer a good workout.

For example, you may respond to writing prompts. You may try your hand at writing stories and poems. You may listen to online talks and interactive teaching sessions, along with other members. What’s more, you may pick up helpful hints about the writing biz. Even if you have never written a word in your life—but have wanted to—you can experiment with writing and learn from a master.

Jaden Terrell (https://www.jadenterrell.com) is the pen name of my dynamic friend, Beth Terrell. Beth is a highly accomplished, award-winning author, editor, and educator. In other words, she knows her way around, when it comes to crafting fun and interesting activities for bored or blocked writers.

You will find her impressive biography on her web site (see above). Her bio is posted, also, on the Sisters-in-Crime Nashville site. (https://www.sistersincrimemiddletennessee.org).

She has worked with other significant groups, as well, including The Mystery Writers of America and Killer Nashville. (https//killernashville.org).

Even if you decide you don’t want to be a writer, be sure to check out her books on her website. You will find some exciting mysteries there. Remember, reading is just the other side of writing. Reading a good mystery story can keep you as occupied as writing one! Either way, you will be exercising your imagination while staying safely at home.

Tina Murray, Ph. D.


Writing the Covid-19 Lockdown


The Covid-19 quarantine is upon us. Here in the USA, the lockdown is in its fifth month. Many people–not sick but forced to stay home–are looking for new ways to explore and express their creativity. Some just need a way to release their feelings. Writers, particularly, have enough free time to write, some for the first time in their lives. While I have great sympathy for people affected by the illness, I have been able to use the down time creatively.

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