Famous Stars Donate Guitars: An online celebrity auction for COVID-19 relief

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Have you always wanted to own one of Taylor Swift’s guitars? How about Tim McGraw’s motorcycle? If so, now is your chance. You may bid on these items, as well as a variety of others, each with celebrity provenance.

Currently, the ACM Lifting Lives (copyright) COVID-19 Response Fund is sponsoring an online auction to benefit COVID-19 relief. Creative music and film artists have donated one or more of their own possessions to this worthy cause. You may view the entire assortment at https://onlineonly.christies.com.

Even if you don’t find anything on your own wish list, you may find something that would be a perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one. Perhaps you know someone who would fancy Dolly Parton’s dulcimer. Others might be delighted with an instrument owned by Bradley Cooper or—

Although I would like to do so, I won’t drop any more names. (Vince Gill). You owe it to yourself and/or your favorite human to check out the auction website. The event is ongoing and runs through October 29, 2020.

Bring along your muse,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

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The Fifth Annual Pat Conroy Literary Festival

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If you are an avid reader or a creative writer, you might consider attending the fifth annual Pat Conroy Literary Festival, Nov. 5-8, 2020. Held in Beaufort, South Carolina, and presented by the Pat Conroy Literary Center, this year’s conference will offer author presentations and workshops online. In addition, attendees can hear readings and take virtual tours. To learn more about this event, please visit http://www.patconroyliteraryfestival.org .

Those of you who read my post on the Southern Writers Magazine blog, Suite T, a while back, know the role Pat Conroy’s words played in my journey as a writer. When I met him at book signing, he encouraged me to stay the course and never give up, no matter who tried to discourage me. His words have sustained me over the years. I am so pleased his memory is being honored and his legacy, shared by such an outstanding nonprofit organization.

Enjoy the creativity,

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

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Looking for Creative Holiday Gifts? Explore a Virtual Craft Fair

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Are you shopping for the holidays? Perhaps, instead, you are looking for creative ideas to inspire your own work. This year you don’t even have to leave home to do either or both. That is because the 2020 Tennessee Virtual Craft Fair opens today, October 9, 2020.

Here is the link to the virtual craft fair:


Until this year, the annual fair was held at Centennial Park, near Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee. Because of COVID-19 the fair is now online.

Actually, I have volunteered at this fair in years gone by. I was a booth-sitter. Have you ever been a booth sitter? Even busy craftspeople have to take breaks! Not this year, though. Those folks are online, too.

When you visit the website, you will find an excellent variety of arts and crafts. The exhibits include pottery, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, beads, glass, bags, and more. Although you might miss taking a stroll outdoors in the cool autumn air while you visit each tent, you will still be able to view all the available work. You can even attend demonstrations of creative processes and learn handy techniques online.

I hope you will take advantage of this exciting, new opportunity to examine–and perhaps, purchase–the work of Tennessee’s talented craftspeople.

Keeping your holidays creative, I am

Tina Murray, Ph. D.

Editor and writer

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